Plant Folk Dolls is a passion project and labour of love that helps me connect to the joys of animism, folklore and wildcrafting.

Each doll is made exclusively from plant materials -- mainly cattail leaves -- with the addition of stones and feathers in some cases.

I try to grow as much of the materials as I can, and everything else I forage as respectfully as possible.

I started making cattail dolls in the summer of 2016, after learning how at a wilderness skillshare camp, and quickly grew to love the craft.

Everything within the process feels enriching to me: from harvesting the cattail leafs, carrying them in bundles, drying them up to just the right point, to discovering or cultivating other materials from nature - branches, leafs, stones, flowers - contemplating their shapes, textures, colours, connotations in folklore, and finally the image that they combine to create -- sometimes familiar, sometimes unexpected, sometimes both at once! It's a path full of lessons, surprises and play.

I created this website as a platform to share the dolls I make, and to facilitate sales and exchanges. I am open to barters!. Every order enables me to spend more time growing plants, foraging, crafting and just generally doing what I love. I deeply appreciate that and wish to honor it.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or special requests!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, may your roots grow deep,