The Resilience of Comfrey

by Evan

Well known as a gardener’s best friend, Comfrey proves itself to be a useful ally in a variety of situations.

It is an extremely resilient plant. Very easy to cultivate. I like to grow a bunch in bins behind my fence.

Comfrey leaves concentrate high amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium — all very nourishing to plant life.

Comfrey provides an excellent boost to the health of your garden. Applications include putting comfrey leaves at the base of the roots of seedlings and transplants, using as a mulch layer, mixing into compost, etc…

Used topically as a salve or poultice, Comfrey facilitates healing and can help treat muscle pain and inflammation.

Uses in Doll Crafting

Comfrey leaves are thick and fibrous, so they dry very well.

They are durable enough to split through the middle and drape over the shoulders of my plant dolls. They also look great tied around the waste as robes.

Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs cites the folk belief that carrying around Comfrey offers protection while travelling.

It’s quite natural to associate this with Comfrey’s ability to help treat injuries.

One could even see this characteristic of providing aid through touching the skin through quite a sympathic lens when it comes to dollmaking, if they wished.

To me, Comfrey represents resilience and support. The way it helps a system optimize its own resources makes it a charm of a plant.

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